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Canada is a big country and many languages have been spoken here over its history, from the many First Nations and Inuit languages, such as Blackfoot and Inuktitut, to the modern dialects of Indo-European languages such as English or French. Scores of subcultures have appeared in our nation, all with their own vocabularies, alphabets, dialects and accents. Mixed languages, such as Michif or Chiaque, have also appeared.

This is a community for the discussion of those languages and dialects spoken in Canada. Anybody is welcome, from any nation or involvement in linguistics. Feel free to introduce yourself when you join and share with us your knowledge of languages.

Any topic pertaining to Canadian languages and dialects is fine to post. Please refrain from posting offensive materials and remember to respect your fellow members. Please keep long entries and images behind a lj-cut tag.

English is the lingua franca here, but do feel free to post in whatever language is best for you, be it French or Inuvialuktun.

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